Easily generate the torrc configuration for your node.

What kind of a node will this be?




Relay name

A name for your relay, so people don't have to refer to it by key.

If not set, Unnamed will be used. Relays can always be uniquely identified by their identity fingerprints.

Contact information

Administrative contact information for this relay or bridge.

This can be used to contact you if your relay or bridge is misconfigured or something else goes wrong. Note that we archive and publish all descriptors containing these lines and that Google indexes them, so spammers might also collect them. You may want to obscure the fact that it's an email address and/or generate a new address for this purpose.

Port configuration


Advertise this port to listen for connections from Tor clients and servers.


Port for directory connections.


IPv6 [optional]

If left empty, IPv6 will be automatically disabled

Reduced exit policy

The Reduced Exit Policy is an alternative to the default exit policy. It allows as many Internet services as possible while still blocking the majority of TCP ports. Currently, the policy allows approximately 65 ports. This reduces the odds that a BitTorrent user will select your node.


Enable Nyx monitoring

Nyx is a command-line monitor for Tor. With this you can get detailed real-time information about your relay such as bandwidth usage, connections, logs, and much more. This option will open ControlPort 9051.

For exits

Enable exit relay notice

To make it even more obvious that this is a Tor exit relay you should serve a Tor exit notice HTML page.
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Do NOT follow random advice instructing you to edit your torrc! Doing so can allow an attacker to compromise your security and anonymity through malicious configuration of your torrc.

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torrc documentation

Read the official torrc documenation here

Torrc manual

About us

I've started this project to make it easier to deloy Tor relays. This project will hopefully help new relay maintainers learn more about Tor and torrc before they can start writing their own advanced configurations manually.

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